What weapons can Priest use?

Priests are limited to cloth armor and the following weapons: daggers, one-handed maces, staves, and wands.

Can Priest use swords?

Priests cannot equip one-handed or two-handed Swords or Axes, or two-handed Maces. They also cannot use shields or equip any ranged weapons other than Wands, Thrown Weapons, or Fist Weapons.

Can a priest use a sword in WoW Classic?

No, priests cannot use swords (though strangely, warlocks can).

Can priests use polearms?

Polearms can be used by monks, hunters, paladins, warriors, druids, and death knights.

Why can’t priests use swords?

One of the early Dungeons & Dragons rules that made no sense involved clerics not being able to use bladed weapons. According to the Player’s Handbook in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (quoted below), this was due to clerics not wanting to shed unnecessary blood.

Can priests use daggers in classic?

WoW Classic Priest Weapon Skills

Priests can equip Staves, One-Handed Maces, Daggers and Wands. All Priests begin their Classic with the One-Handed Maces and Wand skills learned, and they will need to learn how to equip Daggers and Staves.

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Can priests wear daggers?

Priests are limited to cloth armor and the following weapons: daggers, one-handed maces, staves, and wands.

Do shadow priests use wands?

Wands for WoW Classic Priests

For Shadow Priests level 40 is where their other spells start to overtake the damage and utility of your wands, however, they will always be useful when finishing targets off or while regenerating Mana.

What weapons can Mages use?

Because they specialize in magic, mages can wield few weapons: only wands, daggers, one-handed swords, staves, and off-hand items (no off-hand weapons of any kind).

Can priests use wands WoW Classic?

A wand is a ranged weapon that causes Arcane, Fire, Frost, Nature, Shadow or (in rare cases) Holy or Physical damage. They may be used by priests, mages, and warlocks. There is no restriction on the damage type that can be wielded and used; you can use wands outside your native damage capabilities.

Is a halberd an AXE?

halberd, also spelled halbert or halbard, weapon consisting of an ax blade balanced by a pick with an elongated pike head at the end of the staff. It was usually about 1.5 to 1.8 metres (5 to 6 feet) long. The halberd was an important weapon in middle Europe from the 14th through the 16th century.

Can arms warrior use polearms?

Polearms can be great for Arms warrior, since these tend to be slow, hard-hitting weapons with good itemization. Plus, Arms Warriors with 20 points invested in the Arms tree can also choose [ Poleaxe Specialization, which gives a 1% extra critical strike chance with both Axes and Polearms.

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Can hunters use polearms WoW TBC?

Hunter Weapon Skills in Classic Burning Crusade WoW

Hunters depend primarily on Bows, Crossbows, and Guns, but can also equip a variety of 1H and 2H melee weapons: 1H Axes, 2H Axes, Daggers, Staves, Polearms, 1H Swords, 2H Swords, and Fist Weapons.

Can clerics wield Greatswords?

The short answer is, Yes. In 5E D&D, a cleric can wield any weapon that they are proficient with and be fully competent in combat.

Why do priests use maces?

It is popularly believed that maces were employed by the clergy in warfare to avoid shedding blood (sine effusione sanguinis).

What is a good weapon for a cleric?

Clerics about to start an adventure won’t go wrong with a trusty mace. Pair this weapon with a shield, and a Cleric can pack a punch while having a decent Armor Class (AC). A mace is a simple melee weapon that deals 1d6 Bludgeoning on a hit. It’s not as versatile as a longsword, but it gets the job done.