Quick Answer: Is it right for parents to force religion?

Parents should be more accepting and lenient toward the decision their child makes when it comes to religion. … Forcing a child to practice a religion they don’t feel committed or connected could damage the child’s overall outlook on religion and can make them resent their family.

Can my parents force me to believe in God?

Parents, in some cultures, may be able to pressurise their children into attending the ceremonies which they customarily attend. But they cannot force you to ‘believe’ anything.

Is forcing religion on someone a sin?

No. Sin does not exist. Forcing anyone to do anything against their will is abusive, abhorrent and disrespectful.

Should you force your child to go to church?

Forcing our children to attend church is not a guarantee that they will follow the Lord as adults; however, it does provide them with a strong Christian foundation with which to build their life upon. There is no better gift that a parent can give.

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Do parents have the right to choose their child’s religion?

Of course, children who are at least 18-years-old or are legally emancipated from their parents are free to decide their own religious beliefs without court intervention.

How do you tell your parents you don’t believe in their religion?

Do it calmly and coherently. Explain the reasons why you decided to stop believing, and make it clear that it is not an act of rebelliousness. Tell them you still respect their beliefs and do not want this to change the relationship you have with them.”.

Can my parents force me to pray?

They can’t force you to pray either. They can require you to say some words but prayer is not just saying words it is a communication believers believe they have with the deity they happen to believe it, You don’t believe in the deity your words are just words. How do you live with parents who believe.

Can you force someone to believe in God?

You can’t force someone to believe in a god, only to say they do. You even acknowledge as much when you hope they “… eventually have a true faith…” In other words, you admit the one they initially profess is false, done for show and acceptance. Please don’t bully people into faking faith.

Does the Bible say to respect other religions?

Rule 2 – “ Love your neighbour as you love yourself “. Through rule 2, Lord Jesus has advised all of us to love, respect and show mercy to every human being in this world, which includes members of all religions.

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What does the Bible say about forced conversion?

He did not say to force everyone to convert to a specific religion. This is the Great Commission : And Jesus said to them, “Go into all the world and preach/proclaim the gospel (good news) to every creature. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.

Can my mom force me to go to church?

A parent can force their child to go to church until they reach a certain age. While there’s no specific recommendation, it’s best to let your child make this decision for themself, which usually happens around puberty.

Can I be forced to go to church?

It’s not okay to force anyone to go to church. Forcing anyone into a god is a good way to make sure they actively dislike that place. If they are old enough to stay alone safely, then let them stay at home. They might miss it, they might eventually want to come back or they might want to keep going, just less often.

How do you tell parents you dont want to go to church?

Originally Answered: How do I tell my strict Christian parents I don’t want to go to church anymore? Tell them just as you ask or desire anything else. Be advised that it only discussing your wishes and desires. Sharing does not alleviate or stop the requirement for you to follow their instructions.

What age can you choose your own religion?

Children can legally choose to follow any religion at any age – however, if parents feel that following a specific religion may exert a harmful influence over a child below the age of 18, they can apply to the court for wardship and have their child made a Ward of Court.

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Can you raise a child without religion?

According to Manning, the data on growing up without religion are mixed. Some studies show that children growing up in a faith community experiment less with drugs and alcohol and juvenile crime. And some show that kids raised without religion are more resistant to peer pressure, and more culturally sensitive.

How do I choose a religion?

Before you start to seriously consider specific religions, you should take a reflective look upon yourself and see where you could potentially fit best. Your beliefs are the most important factor in your search for religion, and no one person or authority should have any effect on what you choose.