Quick Answer: Is it illegal to force someone into a religion?

It is illegal to harass a person because of his or her religion. Harassment can include, for example, offensive remarks about a person’s religious beliefs or practices.

Can you be forced into a religion?

Forced conversion is the adoption of a different religion or the adoption of irreligion under duress. Someone who has been forced to convert to a different religion or irreligion may continue, covertly, to adhere to the beliefs and practices which were originally held, while outwardly behaving as a convert.

What is it called when you force someone into a religion?

Proselytism (/ˈprɒsəlɪtɪzəm/) is the act or fact of religious conversion. It has come to be seen as a form of involuntary forced conversion through bribery, coercion, or violence, as such, proselytism is illegal in some countries.

Is forcing religion on someone a sin?

No. Sin does not exist. Forcing anyone to do anything against their will is abusive, abhorrent and disrespectful.

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Can you be forced to go to church?

According to article 14 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, all children have a right to freedom of thought. And conscience. … And while there is no law prohibiting parents from forcing their children to go to church at this point, just because something isn’t illegal doesn’t mean we should do it.

How can I legally create a religion?

Meet the guidelines for legally establishing a church.

  1. It has a creed and worship practices.
  2. It has a formal leadership.
  3. It has a clear history.
  4. Its membership is distinct from other religious groups.
  5. There is a recognized course of study to ordain leaders in the religion.

Is it OK for parents to force religion?

Parents should be more accepting and lenient toward the decision their child makes when it comes to religion. … Forcing a child to practice a religion they don’t feel committed or connected could damage the child’s overall outlook on religion and can make them resent their family.

Is it okay to change religion?

So changing or adding religious practices can have serious family and social consequences. But religion is also personal, and sometimes people have to modify, add on to or even completely change their religious practices in order to keep their spiritual integrity. … Only you know if your religious practice fits you.

Can you force someone to believe something?

“You cannot force someone to believe something they do not believe; you can only manage to force them to speak or act as if they do.”

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When people try to force their beliefs on you?

Obtrude meaning

To impose (oneself or one’s ideas) on others with undue insistence or without invitation. To offer or force (oneself, one’s opinions, etc.) upon others unasked or unwanted. Obtrude is to impose, force your way in where unasked or unwanted.

Can you force someone to believe in God?

You can’t force someone to believe in a god, only to say they do. You even acknowledge as much when you hope they “… eventually have a true faith…” In other words, you admit the one they initially profess is false, done for show and acceptance. Please don’t bully people into faking faith.

Where in the Bible does it say not to force religion?

11:6 (“Without faith it is impossible to please [God], for whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him”). Thank you for a very nice question.

What does the Bible say about converting to another religion?

No. Bible does not talk about conversion. Christianity is all about Love and eternal life. As per Bible, Christian should share way to eternal life (which is called Gospel a.k.a good news) with others so that they will also inherit the heaven.

Can children refuse to go to church?

Yes. A child who is old enough to question their parents’ religion is old enough to not attend services. To force a child to attend and be bullied into “believing” or behaving like they do believe is abusive.

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Why you shouldn’t force your child to go to church?

Forcing our children to attend church is not a guarantee that they will follow the Lord as adults; however, it does provide them with a strong Christian foundation with which to build their life upon. There is no better gift that a parent can give.

How do you tell your parents that you don’t want to go to church?

Originally Answered: How do I tell my strict Christian parents I don’t want to go to church anymore? Tell them just as you ask or desire anything else. Be advised that it only discussing your wishes and desires. Sharing does not alleviate or stop the requirement for you to follow their instructions.