Quick Answer: Can I talk to a priest about my problems?

Any person is free to approach a priest to talk, discuss life issues, etc with “conversion” being absolutely NO precondition. But realise… while most priests have some background in psychology, counseling, marriage and family issues, we are not psychologists nor marriage counselors nor therapists.

Can you talk to a Catholic priest?

But, if you want to talk to a priest, just go to the nearest parish, wait till after the services end and introduce yourself. Otherwise, find a diocese, parish or monastery listing and give them a call. If they can’t help with your questions, they will gladly refer you I am sure.

Can a priest help with mental illness?

The involvement of priests as consultants in mental health issues varies according to the type of MD. In a US study on 1231 lay people, 78.8% of respondents viewed clergy as helpers in the case of schizophrenia and 91.0% in the case of depression (Ellison et al. 2006).

Can I tell my priest anything?

Anything you tell a priest is confidential and privileged. He cannot reveal it to anyone for any reason without your permission.

Can a priest give advice?

Absolutely, and they’ll be happy to give it. You can ask them for advice outside of confession too, they might be busy, but even if they are they’ll tell you when they can talk. Most priests are very kind and supportive, so definitely ask for advice if you feel the need.

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What can a priest not do?

Almost uniquely among human occupations, priests cannot marry, as a function of their vocation; nor can they engage in sexual acts, as proscribed by Catholic moral teaching. … There are other, less benign ones, which a man contemplating the priesthood may not even himself consciously recognize at ordination.

What is the Catholic view on mental illness?

Mental illness is not often addressed by the Catholic Church, but we are called by Jesus to recognize those who are suffering in our midst and to accompany them on their journey. “People can and do recover from mental illness.

Do priests get depressed?

Secular clergy reported significantly greater depression and anxiety (both state and trait) than are reported in the general population. Low Vocational Satisfaction was found to be predictive of depression as well as both state and trait anxiety.

Can I trust a priest?

You don’t have to trust any priest, as priests are human and sinful. Trust in Jesus. Jesus guarantees the efficacy of the priest’s work, which is in administering the sacraments of the Church. Outside of this work you have no reason to ever need to trust a priest with anything else.

Can you ask a priest to bless you?

You approach the priest and introduce yourself either by name or parish and simply state, “Father, may I please ask your blessing?” as you bow your head and fold your hands reverently. You may have your child, an aged parent, a pet, or even a religious item also presented at this time for his blessing.

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Can a priest tell you to turn yourself in?

Yes, doing so goes against the Catholic religion. A priest, however, may strongly urge the penitent to seek help or take other action to turn himself/herself in. This is especially important in cases of child abuse or suicidal thoughts.

Can a priest tell if you killed someone?

Under Roman Catholic law, it is forbidden for a priest to disclose information — under any circumstances — obtained in the form of religious confession. … If a priest breaks what’s called “the sacred seal of confession,” he will be subject to excommunication from the church.

Is confession legally protected?

In United States law, confessional privilege is a rule of evidence that forbids the inquiry into the content or even existence of certain communications between clergy and church members.