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August | 26 & 27 | 2017

08.26.17 | Bulletins

    Our words, thoughts, and interactions with people matter. Our behavior with others can actually affect the direction and vitality of people's lives. How we treat people can move them toward Jesus or repel them away. With God, it's always about loving people - and so it should be with His church. This summer series invites all of us to take a good look at ourselves, the fruit of our lives, and ask God to improve our People Skills.

    THIS WEEKEND is your last chance to sign-up for our August Dinner on the Deck. Visit our website HERE or our App HERE to sign-up for this event.

    Two hours, four questions, six women. This monthly event offers the space and conversation-starting resources to let women love one another and flourish together as they create a setting to be honest and wrestle through deep questions and celebrate the joy of community. Sign-up online HERE or through our App. Questions? Contact the Live Delighted Team HERE.

    Each week the same information you're reading in this bulletin is available on both and thew New Hope Eugene App.

    In an effort to reduce the amount of printed material created, starting in September, we will be printing a limited amount of bulletins primarily for guests and folks that prefer paper to their smart phone. To access the weekly bulletin, simply download the App and touch the "Weekly Bulletin" tab or visit the church website.

    Let us know what you think of the new bulletin format, or stop by the Welcome Center in Uptown if you have any questions.

    Join us for a fun evening of food & painting. Featuring local artist Jamie Dompierre, this evening is sure to be a lot of fun. Contact NHE MOPS HERE with questions. Visit our website HERE or app HERE to sign-up for this event. Space is limited. $

    If you would like to get baptized, visit our website HERE or the app HERE.

    This group is designed for couples on their way to marriage, engaged couples, and couples within their first year of marriage. (Limited to 10 couples)

    This group is designed for any age married couples. (Limited to 15 couples)

    This group is designed for couples within their first 3 years of marriage. (Limited to 5 couples)

    To sign-up for any of these small groups, click on the title of the group you are interested to be taken to the sign-up form on our website, or visit our App HERE. Contact Janelle HERE with questions.

    Come on by Uptown and see what is new at the New Hope Farmers Market. If you have a garden and have more than you need, drop it off over in Uptown. Everyone is welcome to drop-off what you don't need, and pick-up what you do need.

    To see how you can get involved with Back 2 School for Teachers, check out the insert in today's paper bulletin or click HERE to get more information.