Future + Hope

Each year, we take a special offering called Future + Hope. The offering received during this time is the practical provision that allows us to keep our facility and ministry tools up to date.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Late last year we received an official letter explaining that our used microphones and wireless equipment would soon be unlawful to use. Without getting too technical, the 600 MHz band that our equipment operates on has been purchased by T-Mobile and will soon be private, and therefore unavailable to send and receive. While this may feel unfair to us, and to the thousands of other churches and organizations affected, the reality is that this particular frequency was bought fair and square and is a common practice. The good news if you own a T-Mobile device is that your communication will be even clearer and with less dropped calls!

This is an urgent need for our teams. As T-Mobile works towards implementing their new network, our microphones are increasingly experiencing interference. Can you imagine being in the middle of Pastor Aaron’s message and suddenly hearing phone conversation being exchanged? We all value our worship team, creative teams, and Pastor Aaron’s messages, so new microphones will need to be purchased in our immediate future.

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The Lake At New Hope

While having a lake on campus may sound like a fun picnic idea, this particular lake only comes and goes with Eugene’s weather patterns. As most of us have witnessed, there really is a lake-sized accumulation of water that forms with heavy rain. Our aged and failing storm water systems are simply not able to keep up. We’ve often had to close the bottom parking lot after heavy rain, which only adds to the challenge of limited parking. More than just an inconvenience, our lake has also resulted in flooding in the basement of the building, which becomes a safety concern. One of the biggest challenges about our lake is it often appears at the most inopportune times, like while preparing for the Lights at New Hope!

Making Room

As we’ve grown to four services and over 1,400 in attendance on the weekends, our need for additional classrooms and meeting spaces has grown proportionately. Repurposing existing space for a new large classroom, and creating workspace for staff and volunteers is mission critical to equipping and discipling our church body. Having our new spaces be climate controlled is vital for effective learning and working environments.

Pull Up a Chair... If you can find one!

Since our building was constructed and people began gathering to worship in this space, the highest regular attendance was around 700 people. After five years together as a new church meeting in an old building, we have more than doubled in size and we continue to grow! Simply, we need to purchase some key resources like basic tables and chairs to serve our growing church family.

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