Mentor Moms

What is a MOPS Mentor Mom?

MOPS Mentor Moms are been-there, done-that moms who may not have done everything right, but have a heart for walking alongside women as they navigate the waters of motherhood. Mentor moms join the circles of moms in our MOPS ministry and choose to invest personally in the lives of moms from all walks of life. 

Who is a MOPS Mentor Mom?

The MOPS Mentor is a mature woman who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  By joining MOPS as a Mentor Mom, you'd be able to support moms of little ones by attending meetings, sharing scripture, supplying a meal, or volunteering to help with administrative tasks or childcare.  Please pray for this ministry and ask God how you can get involved in practical ways.

Please contact MOPS Coordinator Rebecca Stutzman at for more information and to find out how you can volunteer to be a Mentor Mom with MOPS.