About Us

On December 23, 2012 the facility at 1790 Charnelton became home to a new work of grace that represents the re-opening of a church that previously had a profound impact on Lane County. It is called New Hope Eugene (NHE).  The former church was Lighthouse Temple, an Open Bible Church that birthed the Open Bible denomination and started the Bible College currently known as New Hope Christian College. With that understanding, New Hope Eugene is a church birthed out of both a great history and a divine partnership.


The partnership lies in a fruitful relationship between two organizations, New Hope International (a global network started by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro), and Open Bible Churches.  Open Bible’s support and initiative in this church plant under the leadership of Gary Emery have been courageous, unwavering, and life giving, as has that of NHI.  Pastor Gary and Pastor Wayne bring a tremendous resource, serving as coaches and occasional speakers for the church.


New Hope Eugene is a church built on the central mission of Christ—winning    the lost, discipling the saved, training the called, and reaching the    world with the good news of Christ. It has a vibrant and intentional  relationship with New Hope Christian College and offers an internship program so  those training for ministry will have a field of practicum in which to develop their  faith and skills.


New Hope Eugene is lead by Pastors Aaron and Paula Sutherland.  The  Sutherlands,  along with their two sons Ethan and Isaac, have experienced the  crazy world of church planting before.  They planted and pastored Desert Song  Community Church in Redmond, Oregon for eight years before answering the call  to start this new work.

Among the many exciting things about this church plant is the connection it has  to  New Hope Christian College.  As stated above, part of the design of the church is that it serves as a “lab” environment for those training in ministry.   For example, those studying for children’s ministry actually get to do the children’s ministry in the church.  The same is true for technology, youth, music, administration, and all of the other elements of church life.  At New Hope Eugene, the students get to take what they are learning and put it into practice in a real time environment.  NHE, however, is not just a church for students. Its design is for the community to partner alongside all of its ministries, so it ultimately becomes a community of faith for all ages and stations in life.


Since the passion of NHE is to reach people who do not yet know Jesus, we desire to show our community the genuine love of God in tangible ways.  Whether it is through giving Thanksgiving boxes to needy families from a nearby elementary school or sharing the story of Christmas through “The Lights at New Hope,” ours is a church that sincerely wants to be a blessing to our city.


We are filled with excitement about all that God has planned in the seasons to come.  Above all else we understand that this is His church, and we simply want to join with Jesus in what He is already doing.  May God continue to surprise us with His goodness as we walk with Him.

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